Cherish the Connection

A memory I am sitting with this morning is from a time after I got engaged. It was our annual girl’s weekend in VT with my two soul sisters from high school. It should have been a time full of laughter and plans about the wedding, but instead I was desperately sick with a throat infection (only diagnosed after the trip) and talking was too painful. I also had that “I don’t care about anything right now because I am sick” feeling. All in all that is a miserable way to be, but I was also happy to be with two people who love me no matter what and as I was in bed listening to them talk, it made me incredibly happy. They were disappointed that I did not feel like talking and I tried to tell them that I was totally content to just listen to them talking. I kind of felt like I could listen to them for days. It is a feeling I will remember because it was weird to be so sick and so content to just listen to people talk without you being a part of it. Truthfully, I wonder if that is what it feels like in the hospital room the hours while you are dying. I like to think that while people talked around mom and Kristin, they were feeling content listening to those they love. But, I digress. It is not in the plan to go there today.
This past weekend I went to the annual family gathering at my aunt and uncle’s house. I love pulling up and seeing the family circle set up. It is a circle of camping chairs. It makes me ridiculously happy as does everything about that day and night. This year, as my aunt Mary and I sat quietly next to each other I realized that the memory of the time with my friends was happening again. There were many different conversations happening all around me. I did not want to join one. I just wanted to sit there and enjoy the sounds and sights of all that was happening around me. I don’t do that enough. I don’t stop to enjoy the people around me right in the moment. I want to do it more because it feels so right when it happens. It is a feeling of being connected, but getting to step outside the connection to appreciate what the connection looks and sounds like. It really is amazing how people are connected in life. What are the connections you cherish the most?