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Hi Everyone. My name is Jen or Jennifer never, ever Jenny. Yet I thought it was funny to be JennyFlem online. That is the beauty of writing. You create it however you want it. I claim to be an expert on absolutely nothing. But I find that sometimes when I write people comment that it speaks to them and so I love to write and I love speaking to people. So here you go. My dad, mom, and now my sister have all died while I was an adult. And so, even though I’m not great at it, some may say I am a semi -expert on grief. Wow, that is SOME bragging. And so you will find I brag and digress often. Hopefully you will also find I speak to you! Enjoy!

The people in this picture are, to your left: my sister in law Candice and to your right: my sister Kristin. Both beautiful, amazing and strong women. Kristin died from Pancreatic Cancer on September 10, 2012. At the time of her diagnosis (just six weeks before she died) I was maintaining two blogs on Blog Spot. One was outlining my mother’s brief illness and my role in that before her death in 2008. The other was outlining my journey to get healthy from 238 pounds March 11th until sometime in July when I was down to 208. One of the blogs was Be Strong and the other was My Morning Coffee. While grieving both my mother and my sister as well as being a wife, mom, and full time first grade teacher I realized that I could not maintain both blogs in the way I would like. I asked on facebook how I might be able to put the two together and one of my sister’s best friends Tom, suggested ( I think perhaps in jest) that I call it My Strong Morning Coffee. I actually love it. I have been obsessed with the idea since I heard it although in fairness to my sister’s other close friend Matt, Dark Roast came in a strong second. And yes, maybe it is true that only the two of you gave ideas, but hey it would be a damn silver medal in the Olympics so accept it! As I figure out how best to do it  I will be removing posts from my former blogs and moving them to here. You could compare it to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly or some other amazing change, but really it boils down to selfishly wanting to write again and not being able to decide which post goes where and wanting more people to read my words. Thanks for joining my journey.  Even if I didn’t give you much choice.

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