Advice From My Sister

First of all, I hope I am doing this right. My words for this year are commitment, discipline and kindness. I want to stay committed to this blog because it and anyone reading this mean something to me and make my life more full. However, with the start of school I haven’t yet found the best writing time. So here is one of my favs because that memory is so amazingly clear. The dolls under the tree? Sure. But the memory I am speaking of is holding my sister on the last day of her life. I miss her, but I thank God for the memories. They light up the dark.


The day my sister died, the last thing we talked about that actually had a back and forth to it, was playing with our dolls under the tree.  I had been holding her hand for quite some time just trying to think of something to say because although she looked like she was sleeping, I could tell by the grip on my hand that she was thinking, too.  So, I told her that I was talking to her through the hand holding and she agreed she was doing the same thing.  I told her that I had a memory of us with our dolls, on a blanket, staring up through the oak tree into the sky.  She nodded her head about that memory and said it was a good time and a nice thought.  I said,  “I am not sure if it was an oak or a maple.”  Her last…

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