So, it’s vacation and I thought I could whip out another blog post.  Doesn’t that sound fantastically easy?  What you may not know is that means I have thought about it for three days and procrastinated it for two.  I drank my coffee to get prepared.  The pellet stove is off until our pellets are delivered later today.  Things feel pretty okay as far as the writing atmosphere.   Yesterday was Kristin’s 46th birthday if she were still here with us and I am not yet prepared to write about that or even talk about it.  I faced it.  I got through it.  That is that for right now. 

So, here I sat wondering what today’s thinking  (or prewriting as we call it in first grade) would bring.  Remind me sometime there is a soapbox waiting for me to step up and talk about how we give kids forty minutes to write and expect brilliance to just roll out of their brains.  But…I digress.

I decided to read somebody else’s blog to possibly get ideas.  This is not plagiarism as such, it is more like, my brain is blank, can reading something else give me some thoughts? It was a well written and funny post about anxiety.   A topic I know a lot about, but don’t really care to write about.  However, if you go to the comments section of any article, blog or text of any sort there will always be some  comment that you leads you to your own blog post.  This is how the comment read word word for word. “No wonder you are like this.  This is a terrible place.”   The “this” referred to is presumably the world. 

It is?  Because I have to tell you that I see so much good in my corner and extending out that I am hard pressed to call this a terrible place.  A terrible place?  Which part?  Is it the people donating time and money to charities, the teenagers who create new and exciting ideas for the world, or the beauty of the Earth even in the dead of winter?  

You see the thing is, I get that people have their shit.  Come on, I have my share of shit, too.  Sure, it may not be as smelly as my friend’s shit, but it is shit none the less.  (Yes, I am regretting the poop analogy at this point.)  But, good Lord we are here.  We get another day to either Glory in it or Wallow in it.  Quite frankly, I am sick of people wallowing in it.  Vacations will always feel “too short.”  Monday will always come “too quickly.”  But life, the real part of life, the part that can’t possibly “be terrible” is the relationships we have with the people who matter.  

When we experience a tragedy in our lives, it is natural that we will go through sadness, grief, despair.  That is NOT what I am writing about here.  I am talking about the average person on an average day complaining because this is “a terrible place.”  How can you do that?  You get to still be here.  Appreciate the hell out of it. 

~Just think -what would you be left with tomorrow if everything was taken away except that which you gave thanks for today?~